Sunday, August 29, 2021

24 hours

What a difference 24 hours makes 
After yesterday’s lovely sunny weather 

Today we have had rain and it’s cold again 

Current weather 

At least it’s perfect for staying inside and resting 

Whatever your doing this Sunday 
Stay safe 
See ya 


  1. Weather can change like a flick of light.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  2. Spring rain, summer flowers.. in England it's "March winds and April showers, brings forth May flowers." OK about a month too early, but you definitely don't want a dry spring. Get the fire place going and enjoy the sound of rain.

  3. It’s nice and warm up here 😉
    I believe you have some warmer days coming up next week- here’s hoping you get to enjoy them

  4. High of 30 oC today, add in the humidity and it's supposed to be close to 40 oC with the humidity. Major thunderstorms coming through this afternoon, so basically a yucky day!!! It's supposed to cool down to the mid 20's as the week progresses thank goodness.