Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Pretty flowers

I’ve been slowly working on the hexies blanket 
I sewed the final few pieces and it just wouldn’t sit right 

I was getting a tad frustrated and then I saw my mistake. 
In the middle of all the hexagons there was a pentagram 

Now I don’t have anything against pentagrams but this one was giving me all sorts of trouble 
So I had to undo the last few hexagons take out the pentagram 
Replace it with a hexie and sew the rest back on 

After that it sat nicely. The seriously strange part is, I’m surprised I didn’t make that mistake 
More often 

I then decided a row of single crochet would finish the blanket nicely 

And here is the finished blanket 

My first ever make it up as I go along 
I’ve only ever followed patterns 

I’m happy with it. It’s a happy blankie I think 
Who doesn’t like pretty flowers 

Stay safe and well 
See ya 


  1. My word you crochet fast. It seems like you only started last week. Great colours, looking good.

    1. Not much else to do in lockdown it helps fill the hours

  2. Looks good Angela. The addition of the green ‘leaves’ really sets it off. Just the right size for a little girl to snuggle under!

  3. It's a very happy blanket and I agree with Tigger. You're not half fast !
    Onwards to the next