Tuesday, August 17, 2021


Crotchet flowers that I’ve finished so far 
I’ll make six at first then try to organise them in a way I like and add leaves which will be green hexagons
In between  

http://local-kiwi-alien.blogspot.com/ asked if they were hard to join. 
No not really I’m using the same method of joint them as I did the squares 

https://youtu.be/fRnC3VECT78 This method and it’s works for me 
You don’t even have to think just sew 

We have had devastating news over night our lockdown has been extended for at least another two weeks 
We now have a curfew and back to five kilometres limit 
This is because people have been flaunting the rules and meeting up in the streets having drinks and pub crawls 
Going from pub to pub, having a drink outside and gathering in crowds 

There has also been an engagement party with seventy people who stupidly made a video of one of the fathers speeches where he says they 
Are legal because it was group therapy.  They all laughed but three people have tested positive to the delta variant 
And now they could all potentially be positive, have all been fined $5000.00 each 

The mother  of the groom has said they don’t deserve all the hate they are getting 
Well I’m sorry but I think you do. 
So we are back to the days of 2020 with really no end in sight 
The numbers keep growing 
I’m not in a happy place right now 
So the flowers will help bring a little joy and colour to my day today 

Stay safe 
See ya 


  1. I know the virus isn't going to end soon. I play it super safe.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  2. This doesn't bode well for our coming winter either. After 7 months of lockdown last winter it has taken more than a couple of months of hot weather to climb out of the hole. In normal times i could cope with the cultural isolation but with social isolation on top, i hit a nadir I'd never experienced in my life before and still haven't recovered any zing or zest. So you have every sympathy we can send and hope you are out of it soon.

  3. I really like those hexagons. I thought it might be difficult lining them all up in the right place. I shall look at the video because I might try making hexagons. I might need something to pass a winter indoors too.
    Oh I wish this would end. Those stupid people and then they have the gall to wonder what they've done wrong. Hang on in there

    1. They look nice all joined up I’ve only pinned them to see what pattern I liked. Today I’ll start to put them together