Wednesday, August 25, 2021

A bad day

Today isn’t a great day 
Mental health is taking a battering with all these lockdowns. 
As a Victorian, having endured over two hundred days in lockdown 
It’s wearing thin now 

So I thought I’d do something nice for myself 
I had the pieces cut out but hadn’t gotten further so I finished making my 
Hogwarts house tea towels 

I did have fun choosing the colour of the Kam snapes 
But be warned. Check and double check before you fasten them 
They do not come off! 

Typical slytherin I put them on snapped them shut and then noticed I had 
Done it back to front. 
So I had to undo the stitching removed the topper and re sewed it 

Just getting up and making something has helped me 
Also unloading on a friend and her listening to me helped immensely 

If your having a hard time dealing with the world right now 
Reach out. Talk to someone and do something nice for yourself 
It really does help ground you and bring you back to your centre 

Stay safe 
See ya 


  1. Thinking of you all Angela.
    Iso head was a ‘thing’ in our house during the long one last year.
    Funnily not so much during the little ones earlier this year…..but I bet it would have returned this 6th rerun

  2. We hear you. F is not looking forward to this winter even tho Mr B will be here. If we go into another lock down it will be the second year we lose our holidays and she's getting real down about cultural, social and workplace isolation (ie being on her own while everyone else holidays in the summer) without sticking a lockdown on us just as we can think about enjoying some variety. Your tea towels look fabulous and we hope you get out of the lockdown real soon.

  3. It's a long time to be isolated from friends and family. Just hope it all ends soon. In the meantime, moan away. We all understand.
    I can remember, back in June I think , the freedom of being able to sit at a cafe table again. Frustration builds up and you need to let it out!!!

  4. Good that you had friend to talk to; that really makes a difference. Xx

  5. Thanks everyone. I’m better today
    Thanks for listening