Sunday, August 1, 2021

Productive weekend

During the week, I ventured to koo wee rup to the quilting shop and bought my backing fabric so I could 
Finish my little quilts for charity 

I also needed a hanger for this wall hanging 

I bought the fabric and I also bought a new tracing pen that disappears after a few days 
For those quick stitching projects 

I knew there were two things I needed to buy so with my two purchases I headed home 
Only to remember I had forgotten the hanger 

So the next day I had to go into cranbourne so I stopped into spotlight 

I found some Harry Potter fabric. Oh my 

I made these two as a dry run and they will go into the gift basket for Christmas gifts 
But the other four panels I will make for me 

I even got matching towels.  One for each house. 
How cool is that lol 

Then today I finally got the lemoncello out to finish off 
Because the grappa wasn’t a strong batch I let it stew for longer and I only added two cups of water so as to not 
Water it down too much 

Along with two cups of sugar it became 

This.  The colour isn’t as strong as I would of liked it 
But both hubby and son have tried it and passed it with a big thumbs up 

And today our couch finally arrived. 
All the lockdowns had it being delayed 

Being an ikea product it came in lots of boxes and it had to be all assembled 

But we got there, without too many raised voices 
And now I can relax 

And keep working on this little blanket 
All blankets, both crochet and quilt, are pram size 
Perfect for keeping baby warm while out and about 

I hope someone will enjoy them 

For some reason I can’t access my list of blogs I follow 
So I’m only visiting those I can remember the web address of 

Hopefully the bug will be fixed soon 
If you leave me a comment I can follow that link to you blog 

Stay safe and well 
See ya xx


  1. Isn't it dangerous forgetting something and having to go back - or worse go somewhere different and see a new selection? I love the colours of your towels, the hanger you got beats the old 'piece of wood' thzt everyone used to use, and that settee is ginormous! xxx Mr T

    1. The family is getting bigger. So we needed a bigger sofa
      And yes. Very dangerous I also bought some yarn shhhhh don’t tell lol

  2. My daughter was supposed to taste test the limoncello but we forgot. Glad yours is good. There's hope for mine

  3. Today I start a new quilt block, it's embroidery one.
    Coffee is on and stay safe