Monday, August 9, 2021


Another week has begun 
They seem to be flying by. 
I went out to do a shop this morning and it was nice to just get out of the house 

After finishing the dress I wanted a project that would interest me but not tax me too much 

This is the start. 
I found a pic online and thought it didn’t look too hard so I’m trying to replicate it 

It’s a patchwork heart made up of crochet squares 

Hopefully I can make my version of this heart 
I’ve never made the two tone granny square so I’ve found a you tube showing you how 
I’ll watch that when I make the first one 
Right now I’m just making the solid cream squares 

It’s grey outside but not raining which is great 
Hopefully it stays away and give the ground some time to dry out 

Stay safe everyone 
See ya 


  1. I've never learn to do a granny square. I hear they're easy and good way to us up yarn.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

    1. There are some really good you tube tutorials
      Check them out. You can make them in all different colours and then sew them into a colourful blanket

  2. I make granny squares by reversing direction for each round (so there is no right or wrong side), and suspect the half n half ones are made like that. It's going to look great and looks like a good way to use up leftover bits of yarn. Now the challenge is to find a pattern for a bunnikins like that to go with it!

    1. I’ll do the blanket first lol
      It’s going to be for me so I don’t need a toy to go with it

  3. I can ‘see’ the blanket worked as a knitting project- the squares and half squares knit on the diagonal. Joining it together neatly would be the problem….so I’ll leave it for someone else:)
    Looking forward to seeing yours when finished

    1. Sounds intriguing. If you do decide to give it a go post a pic I’d love to see it

  4. Oh you clever Lady. That heart is lovely. But I do like the doll too!. I'm making
    a black kalikantzari just now. One of those naughty elves that turn up at New Year and turn the milk sour.