Thursday, August 5, 2021

Groundhog Day

Well we weren’t quite out of lockdown, we could go shopping and out to pubs and things 
But we couldn’t visit family at home 

It was looking good for a total return to normal but 
We have had cases of the delta variant so we are back into lockdown 
Luckily I had a feeling so I went out today 
Got my nails done 
Did some grocery shopping 
And some fun shopping
I’m one hour the lockdown goes into effect 

I have been reading about the fires in Greece 
It’s heartbreaking as we in Australia fires well unfortunately 
I have family in Athens so it’s very concerning 
If your impacted know we are all keeping you in our prayers 
There isn’t much else we can do unfortunately 
Stay safe all 
Hopefully the world will settle and we might get back to a normal life 

See ya 


  1. They were just getting that big fire under control when another one broke out. It really is heartbreaking. All disasters are, mud slides, floods, earthquakes but fires leave nothing but ashes. I've turned off the tv. Can't watch this catastrophe any more. The government is providing help but it won't get them back their home.
    Im glad to hear you did manage to get out and about before the next lockdown. It goes on and on

    1. I was like that when we had our big fires. In the end it’s just so heartbreaking you cannot listen anymore
      Hopefully the weather cools and they can get all the fires out

  2. They seem like all we here is about the virus and fires.
    Coffee is on and stay safe