Thursday, August 19, 2021


It’s almost the end of the week. 
It’s strange the days drag but the weeks fly by 

Here is my blanket so far. I will now start making cream hexagons
To add to the outside so make it a square and more blanket shape 

I got a delivery of cotton. I ordered it on line. It has a scent and will make lovely 
Face washers 
Pretty colours with pretty scents I had to control myself and only order these four

Asked about my alpacas. It’s too wet to go out and get a pic so here’s one I got 
During the summer 
 This year we have not lost a lamb to foxes and these two are the reason 
They are very good at patrolling the boundary and keeping predators away 

Trying to keep busy 
Today the sun came out again
Might even venture outside to get some vitamin D
It’s just still too wet to do much while out there 

Stay safe 
See ya 


  1. Tigger didn't take to sheep when he encountered them in north Greece last autumn. We don't expect he would be keen on alpacas either, but F loves them.

  2. Your ‘new’ blanket will definitely compliment the other ‘new’ one. You’ll be wearing one like a shawl to keep your shoulders warm while wearing one over your knees to keep them warm. You’ll soon have the cats taking up residence on your shoulders and the dogs on your knees. What’s new she says lol

  3. Love those alpacas. Lovely to hear they are such good guards.
    Your blanket is coming on nicely. I'm going to make one too but it's just too hot to think about crafting right now.
    Enjoy your sunshine while you can

  4. I like sugar and cream yarn. They have a good choice of colors and holds up well.
    Coffee is on and stay safe