Monday, August 23, 2021

Another week

Another week in lockdown. This year is almost as bad as last year 

Today I did some sewing and I’ve made my first Christmas present. I can show you what it is as the person it’s for might see it. Sorry 

Still working on my hexagon blanket. It’s slowing coming together 
I’ve decided I will make it a hexagonal blanket instead of square. I won’t need as many cream pieces as I’m running low on that yarn. 

Trixie loves all my crochet blankets. Her seal of approval has been given to this one 

Outnumbers are going up. 71 new cases today   It’s not looking good for an early release from lockdown 

I might start doing some Christmas shopping on line. Just in case 

Stay safe 
See ya 


  1. Oh no, that dreaded time again. Most years I knit or crochet something for the family. Theyve had scarves, neck warmers and hats and funny socks and mittens and gnomes and even blankets. What can I make for them all this year. How happy you must be to have one present ready to go.
    The blanket is marvellous. I can see why Trixie approves. Good work.

  2. Good morning, I'm sorry to hear your Covid situation is still so bad. I hope you all get some relief soon! Your afghan blanket is beautiful and I love your pretty model. Thanks for stopping by my blog. It gave me the opportunity to find yours and follow. :)
    All the best from "above the line" on the South Coast of Ohio.

  3. My first horse was name "Trixie" I wish more people took this covid serious. Haven't thought much about Christmas.
    Coffee is on and stay safe