Sunday, March 6, 2022

Simple but busy

Yesterday The pantry was cleaned and organised 
It was a job that was way overdue 
After it was done I was able to put all the jars of relish and preserves on one shelf
Ready to be enjoyed 

The jobs I normally do on a Friday were also completely yesterday
So by bed time I was ready to crash 

This morning we had even more zucchini to process so I decided to put some in the dehydrator 
Then I’ll add them to a jar with herbs and olive oil 
Don’t know how that will go so I’ll keep you informed 

I then made a chocolate zucchini cake
And just as it came out of the oven we had a friend drop in 
Coffee and cake outside for the boys and the cake got a thumbs up! 

In between I’ve been working on my scrap blanket 
It’s steadily growing 

I keep having to go and find more odd balls 
I have a few! 

Hubby is currently out back with his chainsaw cutting the long logs of wood into chunks ready to be split 
Getting a head start before winter hits 

The day today Is drizzly and cool 
So a perfect day to be outside working 

The simple life is a busy life
But making your nest comfortable isn’t really a chore 
It’s quite pleasant really 

We just have to learn to pace ourselves these days 


  1. The cooler weather is bliss. I slept for well over 12 hours - maybe that is why.
    Nest making is the best feeling. I will be interested in your dehydrated zucchini as I find them a tasteless veg but a good carrier for other flavours - like chocolate, obviously!

    1. I’ve added dried garlic and some Italian herb mix
      I’ll leave it for a week or so and then we will try it

  2. We love kolokithakia but can't reproduce it at home (ours go soggy), so when we grew them most went into bread or cake or ratatouille, or we make bean and zucchini barjis. In chocolate cake sounds interesting.

    1. I’ve made zucchini brownies so I figured why not chocolate cake.
      It makes it really moist and of course healthy lol

  3. A friend of mind is making a granny square afghan, and basically using the same colors.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  4. You're busy busy busy once again. It's the best time of the year. Keep on crochet-ing