Sunday, March 27, 2022

Your typical day

This morning we did an early run into bunnings 
I got more food seedlings but I couldn’t resist these pretties 

I had a few pots that needed a make over so we pulled out the half dead what ever was growing in there 
And added some fresh potting mix and I planted out the bulbs 

I did save my peonies and repotted it. I’ve also added some tulips around it. 

I pulled out the tomatoes from the first garden bed 
These will go out into the paddock. Hopefully next week I’ll have chickens to 
Feed the garden scraps too 

I’ve now planted this garden bed out. 
There are lots of cauliflowers and broccoli.  
Beetroot, onions and peas 
I’ve left the eggplants in for now. The days are still sunny and warm so until they absolutely 
Have to come out. They can stay.  You never know your luck 

The back is now all flat and ready for stage two 
You can kinda see where all the trenches were dug, all new piping has been laid
So wafer will run nicely again 

Hubby is currently making the little dam deeper 
The paddock next to this always seems to flood lately so the dam will be able to hold 
More water and they have made spoon bowl drains to take the excess water from the paddock and funnel it
Into the dam 

While all this was going on, the neighbour across the road dropped off a box of just picked 
Produce from their huge market garden 

While we were at bunnings our emergency app beeped 
There was a fire in the next street 
So we hurried home and saw the firemen 
Our back neighbours had lit a Bon fire last night 
Someone must of rung the brigade 
Unfortunately we can’t light fires just yet. So a big no no 
I don’t think it was ever a danger but rules is rules 

So yeah just your typical day here in the rural hamlet we live in 


  1. It seem strange to be planting such thing as tulip. But the season down there is flipped.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

    1. I had a blogger friend in the USA and we would compare notes on our gardens.
      She would tell me what her summer was like and what to watch out for. And I’d do the same
      Unfortunately she’s now passed and I miss her golden advice.

  2. You are so lucky no to have squirrels; in UK we had to cover all the pots of bulbs with wire mesh to stopsquirrels from digging up the bulbs and eating them. The dastardly wee things dug them out all over the garden too.

    1. Oh no. That would be heartbreaking after all that work
      I’ve got the bulbs in th backyard so the dogs will keep out anyone who wants to dig up my bulbs.
      We have possums but their more likely to chew on my roses I think

  3. Don't overdo it!!
    That box of fresh produce looks wonderful. Nice neighbours!!

    1. Hubby has already cooked the big chillies and we enjoyed some with out dinner

  4. You do live in a lovely part of the world. I might venture to Bunnings later and get some bulbs for my rusty wheelbarrow. It had portulaca in it over summer.

    1. I love portulaca as well. So easy to grow. I’ve got some in a half barrel
      I might have to take some cuttings during winter and see if they grow