Thursday, March 31, 2022

Progress report

As you can see the bottom half is now pretty much complete. 
A tough wire mesh has been added to stop foxes breaking through the chicken wire. It’s not very tough 

A ring of steel has been placed around the whole coup. With some on the inside. Even if a fox tried to dig under they won’t get through and probably end up with sore paws 

We have strong netting for the top 
And to help connect the two “wings” of the chook palace 

We have worked hard all week and although it doesn’t look like it, we have progressed a long way 

There was a lot of measuring and remeasuring 
And trying to get the old hoops to look more uniform and squared off took a long time 
But I’m the end it’s going to look amazing 
I hope the chickens appreciate all that hard work  


  1. That's not a palace , it's a castle! Foxes must be a damn nuisance . I hope the chooks show their appreciation with lots of eggs

    1. I was out just one night and didn’t lock the chickens up
      By the time I got home they were all dead.
      It broke my heart

  2. Foxes are worse than cats although many would disagree. Your chook run should be on Grand Designs!

    1. I definitely agree. My cats have been known to go into the chicken coop and I’d often find her asleep with the chickens. And this particular cat was a excellent rabbit hunter.
      As for grand designs. I’m not too sure. I’ve seen some spectacular chicken coups on Pinterest