Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Chicken ready

Yesterday Jody and I put this up on our own.  The boys were off procuring what ever it was they
Said we needed. So rather than just wait we started and finished
We were pretty proud of ourselves 

Today we used to old hoops from my green house and Chris made the metal base at home 
So we could slot them all into it and keep it all square a neat 

It’s going to be a bit chicken palace 
Totally enclosed and fox proof 

We used the old chicken house and have started to patch it up 
Since the whole enclosure will be sealed we just took the old door off and left it like that 

Here we have started enclosing it in wire 
Still a couple of days worth of work 
But everyday we have achieved so much. 

We all work really well together and just know what needs doing next 
We did have a meeting to discuss how would would “marry up” the two sections 
And came up with a few ideas but haven’t settled on anything as yet. 

Original I wanted it be one big long enclosure, which would of make it easier to connect 
But this configuration looks nicer. 
I’m sure we will figure out something  

Towards the end of the day, I felt like I had eyes one me 
And I turned to see this. 
I’m sure we are quite entertaining to the livestock 
I didn’t get pics, as I was very busy working, but we had both cats stay with us most of the day 
Making sure we didn’t cut corners and did the job right 

So after another busy day 
I’m now having a little rest before I pack away the three cheese pies I made for lunch and dinner 
Bring in hubby’s washing and repacking my swim bag for tomorrow morning 

Hopefully the chicken palace will be finished by the weekend and I can go shopping for some chickens 


  1. Those girls are real princesses. Well done on doing all that work on their palace.

    1. I pretty sure, just like all the animals around here, their going to be terribly spoilt

  2. Did you bury some netting around the base? Foxes dig....

    1. We haven’t dug the netting into the grown.
      Apparently Chris has an idea. So we shall see
      I did read that even putting wire on the ground around the enclosure will prevent the foxes digging. They dig close to the enclosure so even a couple of feet wide right around will stop them going in

  3. Those chooks will be spoilt.
    Love the faces on the sheep and alpacas. Not sure if they want to join in or not.

    1. Just keeping an eye on proceedings I think.