Monday, March 14, 2022

Things I have learned

This is the cat pattern 
Look ok if you didn’t know what the actual pattern is supposed to look 

You can see the cats and the hearts forming 
But what you can’t see is the missing heart right in the middle 

Now when I discovered that I had missed stitches I though well no one would really know there is supposed to be another year there. I won’t frog I’ll keep going

Let me tell you. I should of frogged 
Every row I need to count back from the second last cat to get the stitches right 
I can’t just blindly follow the graph I have to think

So being lazy and not frogging has made this a harder section than it really is
Taking away some of the joy and adding to my anxiety 

So I have learned to always fix my boo boos because I’m the long run it’s way easier 

Only eight more rows now and it’s done 
I won’t make this same mistake again 


  1. I can letter "Y" it looks great.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

    1. I’m telling everyone it’s a martini glass lol

  2. Only you will notice it but it's a damn nuisance having to do so much counting now. Next time!!

    1. Yes next time I’ll fix my mistakes when I find them lol

  3. Tough it might have been, but it is still perfectly balanced, and of course we love hte feline motifs. xxx Mr T

    1. There are two more in the set dogs and bunnies
      I’m thinking I might make a blanket with all three
      Who knows

  4. It's not a mistake, it's a design feature.