Tuesday, March 15, 2022

And I didn’t even swim

This morning started with a power failure so we got up reset the clock hubby checked his cpap machine and because the dogs started barking we checked outside 

Poor Trixie went out to toilet and must had a touch it diarrhoea so when she sat in the bed she left a present for mummy 
So while hubby bathed her I pulled off the doona cover and threw that in the wash 

Got it out under the back veranda to dry 
This was all before 7.30am

Since I normally get out of the pool at eight I didn’t bother going so I told the girls I’d meet them at the shopping centre for coffee

I left home in plenty of time so I went to Bunnings for seedlings 

These are not what I purchased today. These are my herbs the parsley is looking a tad sad and the basil only sprouted around the edges so don’t know what’s going on there 

The dill was only sown a few weeks ago and seems happy for now 

Here are the seedlings I bought today 
In here purple cauliflower and kale 

Broccolini and more kale 

In here we have brown onions, cabbage and I’ve planted dwarf snow peas. They don’t need a trellis so that’s a bonus 

The tomatoes will be getting pulled in a few weeks so purple cabbage has been planted in here 

And more purple cabbage has been planted around the chillies I might remove the smaller ones if they don’t get going. But I won’t bother until the cabbages grow 

We have planted celery in here I tend to cut the leaves off and use them in salads do they won’t need lots of room for a while 

The spare silverbeet is doing really well in here 
So I put one cabbage in to see what happens 

So after all that. I went to the reject shop to buy my cleaning products and I had to go back to Telstra to get my watch connected to its own number. It allows me to take and make calls even if I don’t have my phone. I couldn’t do it myself snd the young man at the shop was lovely 

So now I’m home sitting and resting 
All done by 10.30am 

An afternoon of crafting awaits 


  1. Hope you enjoy your coffee with your friends.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  2. You've been busy in the garden again. Hope the winter crop is as good as the summer one.
    Hope Trixie is ok now

    1. She’s totally ok.
      Must of been something she ate who knows

  3. Hmm. Winter veges. Must give that a thought.

    1. Our winters are mild compared to most winters in the northern hemisphere
      So we are blessed to be able to grow food all year round
      Who knows how long that will last with climate change