Friday, March 4, 2022

Another Friday

I’ve got Ana again today and she has been so good 
She had a big sleep this morning, had heaps of food and milk 
And is asleep again now 

I’ve been able to cook more tomatoes and peppers half of which I have kept for dinner 
The other half has been put into the freezer 

Because I don’t want to have to think, I’m working on this granny square using up 
All my odds and ends I’ve joined them all and wound it into one big ball 

Mainly when she sleeps I rest 
Grandma is not as spritely as she once was 

After this busy week all I can say is 
Thank god it’s Friday!  


  1. I like those big balls of different colours. I join all mine and have a few balls. Still not sure what to make.
    Filakia to your sweet Ana

    1. I’m sure inspiration will come
      I spend lots of time on Pinterest. lol

  2. Is that a Clover hook I see? My favourite. Love the colours in your granny square. Ana is gorgeous.