Sunday, March 13, 2022

Changing houses

No I’m not moving but spike and tweety did 
Tweety is a limit budgie and was very lonely rattling around in a large cage 

Meanwhile spike didn’t have room to spread his wings 

Luckily we have a small cage so first tweety moved into temporary lodgings while her cage was thoroughly cleaned. Spikes belongings were move and then spike 

Then spikes old home was cleaned. Some Reno’s had to Be completed and tweeties things moved in 
Tweety was then placed in her new home 

Both were given fresh water and food and they both had their first meals in their new homes 

I think they both look happy 


  1. Gosh I wish someone would come along and clean my house from top to bottom, then provide me with a meal. I’d definitely be happy 😊😊

    1. Yes that would be lovely. Unfortunately it doesn’t happen here, well not in the house lol 😆