Thursday, March 24, 2022

A big day

Today was the day that our friends were coming over to start a heap of work out the back 
So this morning I got up and made a slice for their morning tea, forgot to take a pic 

And got cooking for dinner. 
I made curried sausages with all the veggies coming from my garden 

I also made a soda bread.  This is half white flour and half rye 
Workers are always very hungry at the end of the day 

This is their truck. The machine they used to dig the trenches was on the back 

Here they are all working hard. Even hubby is there helping 

Once the new drains are in and covered they will start work on my new chicken coop 
I’m ver excited about that. 
Drains are not that exciting but they really needed doing so I don’t end up having to swim to 
Get the eggs 

The other exciting bit of news was I finally met my stalker lol 
Another blog writer, who’s blog

I’ve been reading for a while. We worked out we were in the same area
And that her grandchild attended the school near me. So I waited outside at home time and she pull over and 
It was like meeting a long lost friend 

Isn’t blogging a lovely world to inhabit 


  1. You have mighty friends . They deserve a good feed. They're lucky to be working for you. That's a mighty good feed for mighty good workers.
    I started reading Sparkling Merlot's blog not long ago. I like reading about life down under, ups and downs. She tells it as it is.

  2. Eggs. Can't wait for the eggs!
    It was lovely meeting you. Put a smile on my face and a spring in my step.

  3. That sounds like a day that provide cheer and hope and all good stuff to outweigh even a whole month of miserable stuff. We will check out SparklingMerlot.