Thursday, March 17, 2022


I’m up before sunrise today 
But I haven’t gone swimming 
I think I’ve been overdoing and my pain levels are really bad 
Yesterday I was in so much pain my fibro fog was terrible 
I didn’t even drive anywhere as I just couldn’t concentrate 
I haven’t been that bad for a very long time 

I have stripped the bed and the sheets are in the wash but that’s all I’m doing today 
I need to get this under control as I have Ana tomorrow 
I need to be able to function 

Constant, chronic pain not only makes it hard to do things 
It takes away some of the joy in your everyday life 
I love being active 
I love being able to do things 
But sometimes the payoff is just too much and I wonder why I even try 
Yes feeling very sorry for myself today 


  1. You have every right to have a miserable day. You do so much and adapt your activities to your limitations. You should be proud of what you manage to achieve but I understand how chronic illness saps the joy from everything. Take it easy today and enjoy doing nothing because you choose to, not because you can't.

  2. Angela, at least you were able to get up and see that beautiful sunrise. Ain't nithing wring with having a rest day. Hope you feel better tomorrow.

  3. Hopefully you rested up today - tomorrow is forecast to be a little bit cooler so won’t sap you so much whilst your sitting with the little one.
    Take care
    Cathy x

  4. You do so much, especially in the garden, I forget you have that chronic pain. Definitely time for others to take on more of the work. I hope a day of relaxation helps and you can enjoy Ana tomorrow

  5. Thanks everyone.
    I did rest and I’m now up and ready for Ana’s arrival