Tuesday, March 22, 2022


After cleaning and organising my pantry I found I had a few opened packets of flour so I decided to use them 
And I made a batch of ginger snaps 

They turned out lovely. I had one. To taste and they were good 

So today I decided to try a keto version 
I only had one cup of almond flour so I had to make up the recipe with almond Meal 
I’m using eggs from our customer and he gave me a tray with lots of double yolkers so 
The mix was wet. I had to add extra almond meal to dry it out 

So instead of making balls I had to use two spoons and make them into oblong shapes 
So they don’t look as nice as the round ones but they still small nice and taste nice 
I’m going to buy more almond flour and try the recipe again 
But for now these are perfect to have with a nice cuppa even if they do look a tad ugly 


  1. Who said biscuits have to be round? Kourabides aren't. Neither are the melomakarona that F consumes in vast quantity at Xmas. And even if they were round they wouldn't taste any better. xxx Mr T

    1. Melomakarona are my absolutely favourites
      I’d consume them in vast quantities too if I could

  2. It's the taste that counts, especially with ginger biscuits. Kali orexi

    1. They taste nice the real ones taste even better lol but I can’t eat those unfortunately

  3. I love the smell of ginger baking. I might have to whip up some biscuits and cake before our kitchen gets ripped out on Monday.

  4. Nothing like cookies out of the oven

  5. Could you post your GF biscuit recipe? I have quite a bit of almond flour I need to use up.