Sunday, March 20, 2022

Slowly it’s happening

Pulled out two of the tomatoes today 
I felt sorry for them. They were the first to get planted so I thought they had 
Produced enough 

Ignore my thongs they had a major blow out and are now going into the bin 

I bought a punnet which had two each of broccoli cauliflower and cabbage 
I think there is one of each in each barrel 

I had planted two sweet potatoes and they have started to spread so I bought two more and I’ve planted them between the 
Other two 

This is a purple cauliflower 
By the time it grows the zucchini will be well and truely gone 
I only left it as there are a few babies 

This is a broccoli that I’ve just put in the pot 
This pot had a spare bean in it and it did well so I figured I’d try my luck again 
I think I’ll find something to put the pot on as bending dow this low hurts my back 
Cauliflower you harvest once and it’s done but you can get a few harvests from the broccoli 

If you look closely you can just see a baby corn 
I have a spare plastic for the hot house so we will rig something up to cover this bed to keep the crop growing 

As I was typing this my witch spun around, she has spun even further since the pic to be pointing south 
It’s the equinox, day and night are equal. From now on the days will grow shorter and the nights longer 
Our weather usually changes around. 

Is my witch signalling the change has come 
If so I better organise that plastic and cover my corn sooner rather than later 

Hopefully my pumpkin vines start to die off now and then I can do a count of how many pumpkins I’ve got for the winter 

It’s an exciting time in the garden 


  1. Love your witch who points the way.
    Hope you're not overdoing it in the garden! Time for flip flops to be replaced by gumboots. Well, almost time. You need some more sunshine for that corn and the last of the summer veges

    1. I have a second plastic as a spare for the hot house I’m going to rig it so it covers the corn
      That way I’ll extend the season

  2. How many pumpkin varieties do you have?

    1. Butternut and the golden nuggets
      The other varieties are big and I can’t cut them up lol

  3. Are those just basic plastic tubs? What is your potting mix?
    I found a telephone exchange yesterday as we had to detour home from Cranbourne!

    1. Yes you can find them on Facebook buy and sell pages they’re blue drums that had food in them we cut them in half and turned them into wicking beds
      I filled them with potting mix from brunnings I’ll add organic fertiliser as needed
      Was the telephone exchange down from the school. If so. That’s me!