Monday, October 24, 2022

Human barometer

Last night we had howling winds and of course more rain 
Yesterday I felt the rains coming for hours. It was still over Adelaide 

Chronic issues flare up and I start to feel “heavy” 
I even had to stop crocheting! 
Now that’s bad    
We lit the fire again. And the heat from it did make a difference to the pain levels 
There is no comparison between a wood fire and artificial electricity heating. It’s just not the same

Lack of sleep means I woke up with a headache. Like I’d been drinking all night 
So I stayed home.  Couldn’t face the drive into town. 
So another day spent in front of the fire might just do me some good. 

Many towns further north are flooding again. 
The massive storm has hit almost the entire  east of Australia 
Hopefully this will all stop very soon and give those poor country folk some respite 
When the flood waters finally drain away there will be a massive clean up job 

Right now. It feels like Groundhog Day and that we will never progress from this long, cold and wet winter. 
If inclined. Please pray for us all 


  1. That weather map really puts a picture on it. Sorry to read it knocks you so badly (is it the air pressure of the humidity/damp?)

    1. I think it’s the air pressure as I can feel it before it changes. But not sure.
      I just wish Mother Nature would make up her mind and stick to it.

  2. So sorry to hear about your woes. And like you I hope the storms ease up.

  3. Boy those winds were strong. The door rattled all night and the carpet was damp this morning. Yes, I left the balcony door open!
    I can always tell when the barometer is dropping. Like you said, a sort of heavy feeling. Not pleasant. I am sorry you get pain flares.

    1. It was bizarre. I woke up and it was wet out back but not out front.

  4. Weather can sure play with bodies. Hopefully things will calm down.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

    1. Once the weather settles I’m much better.