Sunday, October 9, 2022


The universe will give you signs. If you watch and listen 
The ants were evacuating on mass to higher ground. So I’m thinking lots more rain is coming. So I went out early before it arrived 

The potatoes were all sprouting so I added more compost to each of them. A few were really big do I didn’t totally cover those 

The herb garden is growing nicely. I planted seedlings and seeds that should fill up the whole box and make look and smell pretty 

You can just see the asparagus 
Can’t wait until they’re all tall and leafy green 

The grape vine I grew from cuttings 
I wonder how long before we get any fruit 

The tomatoes are kicking on. These I bought from Bunnings 
Just so I could get a head start 

This one might even have a flower soon 

Pick some beetroot for dinner
I’ll cook these to have like a salad 

Onions for the savoury mince I’m going to make 
I also pick silverbeet leaves to add to the mince 

And as always the garden scraps go to the chooks 
While it’s nice they can free range, in a fenced area, to hunt and scratch as they please 

Right now even though we got a few spots of rain the sun is shining. 
But being Melbourne we know it can go drastically down hill at any time. 

At least I got what I wanted done 


  1. I love how the ants tell us rain is coming. Our spuds have the same spud bags!

    1. Have yours sprouted? There are a couple that might need more soil and then I’ll let them go until they die back. Hopefully we find some spuds

  2. The ants always know. I'm keeping an eye out for ours. They've all disappeared sigh.

  3. I wonder if they have gone up or deep under ground. That would definitely mean heat if down underneath
    I’ve checked the weather. More rain coming Wednesday

  4. It's harvest time here in Canada. Tomorrow I'm making borscht using beets, carrots and onions from My Rare One's garden.

    1. Sounds yummy. I’ve never had it. I might try it
      I think it always tastes nicer when it’s home grown