Friday, October 21, 2022

Busy morning

It was a busy morning at grandmas 
After we had our human breakfast we went out to feed the sheep, alpacas and cows

It was fun making the same noises as the farm animals 

Then we came in and practiced our culinary skills 

Learnt all about exotic animals at the zoo

And even meet grandmas friend Sarah who very kindly dropped off a fermentation kit 

After a couple of verses of the happy song 
I started to fall asleep in grandmas lap. So I’m now in bed 
And grandma is having a rest. 


  1. She looks so much like you. It sounds like a perfect morning. And it hasn't rained.

    1. Thank you. She looks like her dad. Who looks like his mum. So the poor child had no hope lol
      Hopefully the rain stays away for at least the rest of the day

  2. Fun on the farm!! She's a real sweety. Good luck with the fermenting

    1. We just need it to stop raining and we can go and visit the chickens as well
      Once again we have woken up to rain.