Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Start, middle and end

I finished the C2C and I’m very happy with it 
It’s great for using up lots of yarn. Although looking at my yarn stash you wouldn’t know it 

A baby girl is coming so I’ve started a quilt. Her great grandma will be here in early December so I need it finished by then. It will be at the top of the list 

I’m going to make it using the disappearing nine patch pattern it looks effective and grows quick 

All the off cuts have been sown together and cut into 10inch squares. I’ll use them to make more bowl cosies 

I started this vest for me. I work on it in between other projects for now it’s just easy knitting so I don’t really need to think 

I’ll slowly get things done. Nothing is urgent so if we do get a nice day I can put them aside and go outside to continue with the garden 
There is still lots to do out there.

So I’m keeping busy and out of trouble 
And it keeps my mind out of my body aches and pains 

It’s not cold today. Not too warm either. But with all the rain and water laying around it’s very humid so being inside is very preferable 


  1. I have something like your pink Mary Poppin fabric.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

    1. I can’t remember where I go that from. I just buy fabric when I see it and I like it

  2. I love the yarn in the vest.
    I have a whole lot of quilting shape thingies from when I used to quilt. I might have to leave them with you!

  3. Brown Green Turquoise and Yellow- that’s a nice mix of colours in your wool. Looks like an awful lot of stitches on the needles though.

    1. It’s knitted all in one from the bottom up
      I’ve never made it before so I hope it works.
      The yarn I bought years ago it was on sale for $2 a ball. It’s been sitting waiting for me to make something lol

  4. You're very productive, in all kinds of materials. That's a spectacular c2c throw.

    1. The beauty of using up scraps is you just never know how it’s going to turn out.