Saturday, October 22, 2022

Saturday jobs

This morning I had art class and hubby had to get new tyres for one of the business cars 

It was raining this morning so going out to do what we needed was ok

But once we both got home the rains had stopped so we got stuck into this area 

The green plastic was removed and we weeded in the beds and around them 

This had become a bit of a dumping ground. So we collected all the plastic pots pulled weeds and I swept up all the leaf litter 

Anything we wanted to keep got put away here. It’s easy to get to but out of sight 

As you can see our river to the chickens has come back 
We got a bit of rain overnight although not as much as further north 

While the sun was out we let the chooks get a bit of free ranging. They are still just in this area but it is nice to escape the chicken run for a little while 

The little  orchard needs attention. 
I might try to get in here during the week and at least clear around the plants. 

I’ve come in and left hubby to just finish off. 
Not going to overdo. We both need to rest up 

What is on tomorrows agenda will depend on weather forecast and pain levels 

So much to get done. But the to do list is always full. So we just do what we can and leave the rest to another day 


  1. The rain and sun has made everything grow so fast. The grass is nearly as tall as the fruit trees!

    1. I know and the poor passion fruit are totally overrun. I hope they have survived

  2. Good grief you need stepping stones in that river. You definitely are not on fast draining soil are you. I bet those chickens have the yard all mapped out now and will be trying to make a break every time you open their door.

    1. We really do normally just drain away. But the ground is now so wet it can’t absorb anymore.
      We have raised the level of the chicken run higher so the chooks are ok thankfully

  3. Sunshine and rain are certainly greening the land! Don't overdo it!

    1. Unfortunately it’s making the weeds grow like they’re on steroids.
      It’s quite a job keeping up