Thursday, October 27, 2022

Just another day

I spent all night tossing and turning only to fall asleep in the wee small hours of the morning 
Then I didn’t wake until eight. So no swimming again. 

I decided to plant the bulbs this morning. And luckily I did. 
I went next door to get me a couple of pots, some special fertiliser and something for my Hoya to grow up. 

Brock delivered it all and about ten minutes later the sky opened up and it hasn’t stopped since 

I went to do banking for hubby and got my meds 
And I decided I needed a haircut 

Now I’m sitting and wonder why I do that to myself 
I’m supposed to be resting but I just can’t sit still. 

At least there is plenty of leftovers for dinner tonight 
Heating is back on,   Temps are supposed to plummet over the weekend. 

I think we have entered some sort of parallel universe where the seasons have been turned on their heads 


  1. Hope you feel better soon and that this blasted rain stops. Enough already.
    Sit and crochet or watch a youtube on how to knit socks. Crazy sock lady vanilla socks on a magic loop. Go on ...

    1. Ohhh I’ll check her out. Currently working, ever so slowly, on that vest thing for me

  2. I don’t usually (well not very often) complain about the weather…except when it gets really cold…but this rain is a pain. We went out to Healesville lunchtime, cloudy but dryish- the heavens opened up on the way home (as I torrential downpour)after 3pm. Everything is still flooded out there. And as you said - it’s gone cold again. Hot Water Bottle time again 😊

    1. The only ones happy are the ducks that are living in the back paddock
      Lilydale really copped it the other day