Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Bad decision

Yesterday I decided to try and rip out the overgrown pig face from the garden and weed. 

Not a great idea. The roots were very deep and as I pulled I jerked my back then when it finally gave way I fell back. 

After only pulling out a wheelbarrow full I had to stop 

So today I can hardly walk without excruciating pain. 
Clever me. 

So for the first time in a long time I’m resting in bed. Sitting on an angle to relive the pressure on my sciatic 

I’ve got my audiobook and my crochet. Just like old times really. 

I’ve started decreasing. I go through my yarn boxes and grab the balls that have been used. As you can see I’ve just finished the yellows, creams and whites. Now onto the reads and purples  

I really like the effect. And Trixie has approved 

She really likes this blanket and always wants to sleep on it while I’m working. Then when I have to turn it she gets grumpy and impatiently waits for me to sort myself out so she can go back to sleep 

At least she’s company for me 


  1. Ouch, that hurts even to read about. I hope you recover quickly. It sounds as if you know exactly how to manage this situation, from experience.

  2. Sorry to read you did so much damage dealing with the unwanted plants😿 (and we don't even know what pig face is, but assume it's bad... do the calves eat it?) Blanket growing at your usual lightning speed. 😉

  3. Sorry about your back! Hope it feels better soon!