Friday, October 14, 2022

The big wet

The huge lake is actually our neighbours paddock 
The very large puddles are in our paddock 

Streets in the area have flooded and the emergency app is constantly sending warnings 

Towns all over the state are being told to immediately evacuate 

I have never seen it this bad here 

The rain radar shows the bulk of the rains have eased for now   Hopefully it will allow the waters to subside 

Please be careful on the roads. If they’re flooded do not drive through 

For those affected by flood my heart breaks for you. 
Stay safe everyone 


  1. Sitting in the sunshine it's hard to believe the rain was so bad. I will be driving down your way today with Sally. We shall look for lakes!
    I forgot to ask how you went with the cardiologist?

    1. By this afternoon it had cleared. But with more rain I guess it will bank up again
      So far all tests have come back good. I do have a heart lol but it’s looking healthy

  2. You've had an amazing amount of rain. I do hope the land drinks it up quickly.
    No damage to your garden I hope. Though I do remember that thanks to the ants you did prepare

    1. The food garden is raised beds so they’re ok.
      The paddocks are so water logged any rain at all and it just sits on top now

  3. Pity it can't be saved up and spread out over the dry seasons. We hope it moderates soon. You dont want the other e treme of comp,etely dried out either. Xxx Mr T

    1. Unfortunately after three La Nina’s in a row. It doesn’t bode well. After this I’m thinking we will get a long dry spell. It always happens like that. We are a country of sunburnt country of crippling drought and flooding rains