Saturday, October 15, 2022

Garden done

Hubby did a bit of maintenance and repair 
Then filled the garden with a compost and soil mix 
It’s so much easier with machines than doing it by hand 

We ventured next door and bought some bigger plants the Brock said would do really well here 

All my garden ornaments were put back. They make it look pretty until the plants grow. 

Most of what I planted are seedlings so you can’t even see them now we have mulched 

This is the before in case you forgot 

And now it looks like this. Much neater 

My view from where I  sit and crochet 
It’s going to look lovely once they all grow and flower 

I need to refresh the pots. We will get rid of that table and I’ll add more potted plants. I’ve of lots of empty pots around the place and next door had lots of lovely plants. 
A perfect combination I’d say lol 

But now I’m very tired and sore 
I’ve been found washing in between all the outside work 
And now I’m done. 

I’ve started another crochet project for a new baby so I hav to get it done in the next few days 

I think my afternoon will be spent working on that. 

The sun is shining for now. Hopefully no more rain for however long it takes for the last lot to flow away. 


  1. Your garden is looking lovely. It won't be long before it is filled with colour.
    Now stop and rest your back.

    1. We started on the other garden opposite it.
      It’s a work in progress and hopefully we will get it done by the end of the week.
      Now I’m having a well earned rest

  2. I wish I had a magic wand - or a man with a backhoe 😊
    Don’t forget to take a couple of photos each week to show its progress. Give it a few weeks and you’ll have your own Chelsea out there!

    The lovely dry day today has been so welcome. We did have torrential rain here in Kilsyth but nothing like over your way. The roads local to me are fine but parts of the shire have rivers in flood which are causing a nuisance. Sorry state of affairs for those affected

    1. Apparently it was worse in the suburbs. Which means lots and lots of families affected.

  3. I do love your garden ornaments. They'll be even better when they're peeping out from amongst a wonderful array of colour.

    1. I hope so. Fingers crossed they get enough water without being drowned

  4. We like Cathy's idea of regular photos of the growing up of the newly renovated garden. We hope that sunshine has good drying heat in it for you all. xxx Mr T

  5. We been having lovely weather.
    Coffee is on and stay safe