Sunday, October 30, 2022

Big Malaka

Here I am with Vasili in Coburg. I wanted to get a few of his big malaka tomatoes 

My cousin took us to the nursery. He had already bought me two malaka plants and today I got three more 

I also got a few other varieties of big tomatoes and done big sweet chillies 

I have planted them all out in these two wicking beds 

Some of the beans I sowed have started to come up 

I bought this huge pot from next door. Hubby helped me move it to where I wanted it and filled it with soil and compost mix. We get it from a market gardener who has started making organic compost 

I’ve planted my rhubarb into it. 

I asked Brock why he thought my hoya had never flowered. 
He suggested I repot and feed. So another job ticked off today 

This is a nashie tree that was being removed and disposed off. 
It found a new home here with us. It only got planted this winter and we were just happy it started to grow leaves. But look it’s got blossom 

So I’m pretty sure it’s survived the transplant 
We had to hurry to get everything done as it’s supposed to rain again later. 

Hubby is now getting some firewood from the pile out back 
It’s predicted to get very cold in the next few days 

Hopefully everything I’ve planted survives  and thrives  


  1. A bit of a fangirl moment?
    Please god no more rain!!

    1. Unfortunately the radar shows more coming
      He was very nice and would of chatted all day lol

  2. Ha ha. That title drew me in straight away 🤣 malaka tomatoes . Is that because they're soft or does it mean the more 'common use' of the Greek word. Can't imagine the latter or you wouldn't be planting them. Must click on the link

    1. Vassili has a sense of humour obviously.
      More rain 🌧️ ?

    2. Apparently they’re massive fruit. So I’m hopeful I’ll get a good harvest.
      The name is just a bonus lol

  3. I hope the nashie thrives. They're lovely fruit.

  4. I hope so we love them but can never find them in the store. Angela