Friday, June 2, 2023

York and the shambles

Today we arrived in York after a two hour train trip from kings cross station. 
Unfortunately not platform 93/4. 

York is a beautiful medieval town and I can’t wait to explore it all 

We had a few hours before could get into our room do we headed off into the town centre 

I had been told to check out the shambles and boy was this person correct. I loved it 

It definitely looked like a diagon alley. But honestly whole area just looks like hogsmead 

Nancy wants to look for the York cats. 

We found two 

But there are many more. So we found a map on the internet and tomorrow we hunt kitty cats. 

I’ll tell you all about them in the next post. 

If you can’t wait maybe google yorks cats and see what you find 
Happy hunting 


  1. I used to be taken to York quite a bit as a kid, partly a form of pilgrimage to honor the York Martyrs, our ancestors. In those days you could get into the oldest buildings on the Shambles, upstairs, before it was closed to visitors. And be sure and walk the walls! It's a wonderful city, founded by the Romans as Eboracum. They didn't get much further north though, partly Boudicca's doing. British warrior queen. My cat was named for her, both small and fierce! And I took her nickname as a screen name.

    Enjoy your stay in the best part of England. Well, the world, really..

    1. We saw the wall while in the taxi coming here. It’s not far so we will definitely walk some of it.
      When you said your name is a short version of Boudiccas. I had a duh 🙄 moment lol of course it is

  2. You are seeing so much. What a great holiday.

    1. It’s highly unlikely I’ll ever come back. So I need to pack as much as I can into this trip.

  3. Wow, York looks like a great place! I'd love to go shopping in Shambles and hunt for those cat statues too!

  4. York looks marvellous. How did you choose to visit?