Saturday, June 3, 2023

Churches, walls and cats

We had a very busy day today. Packing in so much and really only staying in the local area of York 

First we walked part of the York city wall 

It was amazing walking along here thinking about all the people who have walked along and fought and some even died. 

We then visited the York minster 

Our late a Queen Elizabeth. Seeing her up here, really brings it to mind that she is now relegated to history 
Along with all the last kings and queens 

And then we had fun following the map off the internet finding the cats of York. 
We found all the ones in the area. There are more but there further out 

Along with the map there were instructions and hints. 
Turns out I was really good at this. 
I had a ball finding them all 
After all this we had lunch and have come back to rest   

Don’t know what we will do tomorrow 
But I’m sure something will present itself 


  1. So lovely to see scenes of York again. That narrow passageway you show is called a ginnel, hard g. There's a local saying about a bowlegged person, "couldn't stop a pig in a ginnel". Malnutrition used to result in rickets, a disease of weak bones, and I remember old people with completely bowed legs, when I was small. That's one of the reasons milk became a routine offering in school, because so many kids didn't get any, so they had calcium deficiency. Much better now. People of my parents' generation would comment approvingly on kids with " lovely straight legs". Now it's assumed.

    1. Oh that’s very interesting thank you. We used to get milk too. Because we were a colony of the Le country I guess. But probably for the same reasons

  2. Wonder who thought up the cats. What a great way to spend the day, sight seeing and finding the cats. Lovely

    1. There is a story behind them. I’ll try to find it and post it

  3. Love those cats! What fun -- like a kitty treasure hunt!

  4. What a delight it must have been searching for the cats!