Saturday, June 24, 2023

A final big day

We were up and out right on time.  Just as we have all trip. No slow pokes in this tour. 

We did a drive around with a local expert and then taken to Edinburgh castle 

After a brief history we were let go to wander and explore 

I instantly joined the line to see the Crown Jewels and the stone of destiny 

No photos allowed so I bought a couple of post cards 

Inside the great hall 

After morning coffee we were back on the coach and off to see Rosslyn Chapel 

Again no photo’s inside. So I bought a couple of books. I’ll be able to read them on the plane  

We got home to have a rest before our goodbye dinner. 

I’ve come up after having a few drinks with everyone 
Some are leaving early so hugs and safe journeys were all going round. 

Our TD and driver are leaving early so I’ve said my goodbyes and thank you’s 

More are leaving later so one more breakfast together 

The other Aussie is staying tomorrow and so am I. 
Nancy is arriving mid afternoon 

One more night in Scotland and then we are off to London 
The next step before going home 


  1. Enjoy your remaining time on holiday before the long flight home!

  2. What an awesome trip it has been. Enjoy your last days.

  3. What a great tour guide you've been for us stay at homes! Thank you, and safe home.

  4. What a fantastic holiday you have had. Not long now and you will be home safe and sound.

  5. I'd love to visit the Rosslyn chapel. What a trip