Sunday, June 4, 2023

York museum

This morning we decided the hop on hop off bus would be the go. 

After going a whole loop
We got off at some beautiful gardens that had ruins and a museum 

Some pictures of both outside and inside the museum 

A mosaic floor approximately 1900 years old. We were allowed to walk on it without our shoes 

Some big fossils from around the area 

The ruins in the park. Very pretty 

Now back home enjoying a drink in the sunshine 

It’s been a busy day again.  


  1. I'd love to let that ancient mosaic floor tickle my feet!

    1. It was a tad exciting I wonder who walked over it many many years ago

  2. Such wonderful pictures, some familiar to me,too. North Yorkshire is very rich in fossils. I remember seeing entire slopes of fossilized ferns on a local farm. There's a long history of York, which used to be more powerful than London, until the (church) See of Canterbury seized power from the See of York.

    Most of the main roads you've been on, the straight ones, were originally Roman. I'm do glad you're spending time there. So many people completely miss the glorious northeast.

    1. It really is a beautiful part of the uk. The hoo on hop off bus had tour director on and he told us which roads were Roman as we travelled on them.
      Reading about all that happened in the past I did get the impression politics had played it’s part and York missed an opportunity
      Some very impressive and famous people have lived here. Including three, I think, Roman emperors