Wednesday, September 27, 2023

moving along

This area needed cleaning. It was going green with moss  and a few pots needed revamping 

I started by moving all the rubbish out and sweeping up the bulk of the leaf litter 

I then got stuck into scrubbing the table. You can see how bad it was 

It looks much better now 
I’ll have to get the sealer and spray it now it’s nice and clean 

I hosed most of the dirt out from the area but it really needs to be done with the pressure washer 

That’s just too big for me to handle so I’ll leave it to hubby to bring over 

I’ve planted up the azaleas and the flowers have brightened the place up 

It looks much better and now I don’t have to worry about creepy crawlers hiding in the leaf litter waiting to attack me lol 

Now for putting my feet up and having a nice cuppa 


  1. You really know how to get things done. It's all ready to enjoy.

    1. There is always something that needs doing. I’m no where near as productive as I once was. But slowly slowly it’s getting done

  2. It seems to be never ending and now you will have a whole farm sized list of jobs to do as well! Looks good though. Love the bowl of geraniums.

    1. The list never seems to get any shorter
      It keeps me busy and out of the fridge lol

  3. I really like your table. Very Mediterranean looking and wonderful colours. You did a good cleaning job

    1. Thank you. Elbow grease always gets the job done
      It should be good for another 12 months