Thursday, September 21, 2023


We have had a return to winter weather 
It’s not great on achy bodies. But we just get on and get going 

This morning was cleaning day. I got the house ready for the lovely cleaner to come and give the whole house a once over 

Then Trixies groomer arrived to made Trixie beautiful 

After all that. I’ve settled down in front of the lit fire and continue to work on the blanket 

It’s coming along nicely I think 
I’ve got lots of purples and pinks I’m using up 
This is made in wool. So it’s really warm 

I’ll be resting the rest of the day. 
Ready for act two tomorrow. Toddlers are so very active and full of energy lol 


  1. Blanket advancing quickly. You continue to amaze. I've got a rare dose of sciatica today and thought about you soldiering on with daily pain. I'm such a wimp.

    1. Not a wimp. It’s nasty and the reason I now have to use a walking stick. I hope you get some relief soon

  2. Must be nice to sit and know you've got a clean house and a smart Trixie. You can really enjoy your crochet now. Hope you don't have to do any cooking

    1. I love walking through the house and it’s all clean at the same time. I can’t do that anymore. No cooking. We had leftovers. I organised that well didn’t I lol