Monday, November 20, 2023

One thing leads to another

These new meds I’m on are fantastic. Unfortunately I’m only allowed to be on them for 16 days. But after three days I’m feeling like my old self. I’ve been doing the decorating and gardening and this morning I even was at the pool at 5.30am. Just like the old days 

After an hour and a half I did a Bunnings run
And then a quick food shop and back home to get stuck in 

But the plans changed 

I weeded these pots and added top dressing of compost 

So of course I had to throw in some seeds I can’t remember which packet went where so we will all get a surprise 

These shelves were my original Christmas village displays. But I don’t need them now so I’ve taken them out of storage and into the garden. I bought plants at Bunnings which I was going to plant into pretty pots but. Not today now 

I did decorate. I’ve added a very long string of solar lights   I’ll try to get. Pic of them on if I stay awake that long 

I started watering the front pots. This garden bed has been annoying me for a while. But as I couldn’t bend I had to ignore it. I started just by cleaning all the dead leaves and weeds along the concrete. But then I kept going 

Pulling the nasturtiums out and finding all my other plants 

Now they’ll have a chance to take off 

There is still heaps left in the garden and look how much I pulled out 

I also planted more tomatoes. Because you can never have too many I say 

And because I can’t help myself. While pulling weeds. These little babies were pulled up. So I’ve planted them in these pots and if they grow I’ll find new homes for them somewhere 

So my plans changed. But I did get lots done.
But I definitely think I’ve found the limit of these magic meds. 

I’m going to be very sorry when I have to stop taking them. But the doctor says even though the pain will return it hopefully won’t be as bad as it’s been. 

We live in hope 


  1. It certainly sounds as if you had a rush of pain free energy, great.

    1. It was lovely. We shall see how I pull up tomorrow

  2. Is this going to be 16 days of heaven and then a crash? I hope your Doctor is right, but you might have to ease up a bit on the way towards day 16.

    1. I plan too. Especially as the doses go down as I taper off

  3. Replies
    1. I just felt really good. So I took advantage

  4. Oh those gorgeous nasturtiums. Mine are just starting again . No flowers yet. Such glorious colours. Green and yellow/orange.
    Don't overdo it!

    1. They’re a tad too prolific. Buts it’s all good.
      I’ll feed the ones I pulled out to the stock. I’m sure they’ll love it