Thursday, November 30, 2023

Lots of little jobs

The to do list was extensive today. 
I just started at the top and worked my way down. Taking many rests and not putting any 
Pressure on myself. First off was a trip to the postoffice to send off Christmas cards to 
Friends and family overseas. I’m probably a tad late. But they’ll get there eventually 

With all the rain we have had the foxgloves are not looking very well at all 
I cut down all the spent flower spikes 

And laid them all over the ground so their seeds could fall and hopefully self sow
I’ll give it a week or so. Depending on weather and when I clear the cuttings I’ll clear the bottom leaves 
As well. Give them a good clean up 

Yellow gladioli. My first yellow ones. Pretty 

The buddlea is starting to open its flowers. I think it’s waiting on warmer weather 
Like is all 

I’ve made these for the two older granddaughters 
One each for their bedroom doors. 

I’ve started on the outside. 
Wonderson took all the blow up decorations to the shed and used the air to fill them 

I got a tad confused putting up the Santa.  I got the sleigh facing the wrong way at first time 
And the reindeer would of been behind it. 
Talk about putting the cart before the horse lol 
All sorted now 

Some greenery over the door 

More blow up decorations with greenery 
I’ve use it to anchor it all down. The wind was blowing these all over the place 
Much better now 

I’ve started on the entrance area. 
I’m going to look and see what else I can add to it 
It’s look a little undernourished. I’m sure I have lots I can add 

I finished off the bowl cosies 
Making them like an assembly line really makes them quick and easy to make 

I hope the people who are getting these like them 

Update on the Ouchie finger. 
It’s looking much better. 
I’m sure in a few days it will be as good as new 

Tomorrow is Ana day. So no decorating 
It will be all about playing with her 


  1. Charming door decorations for your granddaughters!

    1. Thank you. The girls do like pink so I’m thinking they’ll like these

  2. I think it's a tossup which is more active, playing with Ana or decorating.

    1. Definitely playing with Ana. I can stop and rest whenever I need to decorating
      Not so easy with again grandma every few minutes lol

  3. Can't have any part of your house left undernourished lol
    Have fun with Ana

    1. It’s the ethnic granny thing. We need to nourish everyone and everything

  4. Replies
    1. I got to keep going before I’m all the meds lol